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Killara Flowers

In need of the best flowers in Killara? Sarah’s Flowers can deliver them for you today.

Killara is one of those gorgeous Upper North Shore suburbs of Sydney, 14km north of the CBD near Gordon and St Ives. We’re surrounded by stunning natural bushland and when locals want to bring some of that beauty and majesty indoors they come to us, Sarah’s Flowers. We’re the busiest florist in Killara because we provide exactly what they want: superb flowers, fast and reliable delivery, and great value for money - talk about hitting the trifecta! Even if you have money to burn you don’t want to waste it and at Sarah’s Flowers you never have to. Our bouquets and arrangements are as sublime as any you’ll find in Sydney. In fact, because aren’t accessorised with a stupendous price tag, our customers say they’re even more attractive.

Our prices are low but our flowers are anything but cheap. We source our stock from the leading suppliers and Sydney’s world class flower markets. Using expertly produced flowers lets us get flowers from the field into your hands as quickly as possible. Everyone’s a winner with our flowers. When you want to get your hands on our gorgeous blossoms just get in touch online, via our mobile site, or by calling us directly on the number above. You can do the first two from anywhere in the world at a time to suit you; and when you do the latter you’ll come through to us, not some random overseas call centre who couldn’t care less about what flowers you want as long as you order in two minutes because they need the commission! Wherever you are, Sarah’s Flowers is your Killara florist and you can expect a superior standard of service from us every time you use us for your flower delivery to Killara.

Why do you want flowers? If you want to send a get well message to a special patient our boxed arrangements are just the ticket, packed with gorgeous healthy flowers that will liven up any dreary hospital ward. Birthdays and other celebrations call for an exciting choice - the brighter the better! Sunset Blend and Colourful Box are a veritable explosion of good wishes expressed in sumptuous floral form. Whether you’re telling the missus you love her now more than when you met on your anniversary, welcoming a new baby and congratulating the parents, apologising or showing appreciation, or simply treating yourself to some awesome and affordable flowers because there’s no reason not to, Sarah’s Flowers has the perfect bouquet for you. Don’t waste your time or money anywhere else, save yourself the hassle and come straight to Sarah’s Flowers.

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